The divide which is being built by ultra-conservatives (you heard me) is going to drag this country down the path to a civil war.  Lines are being drawn.  The flames are being fanned by mouthpieces like Sean Hannity and Michelle Malkin, who want you to believe that the problems of Detroit – and well everything – are caused by liberals….. you know …the 47%.   Regardless of what happens in terms of control of the house in 2014 or 2016,  this divide will continue to grow, fueled by conservative media blasting out ideology of people behind the scenes.


Every once in a while, Google search options get changed and I have to dig for a fix.  This time it appears permement.  People who don’t use some features don’t realize they are gone and continue to post that all is well.  Well all is NOT well.   I’ll either find a different search engine or I’ll spend less time at the computer and start getting more things accomplished around the house.  In that respect, what’s bad for Google could be good for my to-do list.

Abbas says he will not allow a third intifada to break out.  In response, Netanyahu said that Abbas’ words were empty.  At least that is what I am reading.  I try to be objective about Israel but situations like this just make me shake my head.  How long have Palestinians been in the West Bank?  How long has Abbas been in charge?  How many rockets have been launched from the West Bank as opposed to rockets from Gaza in that same timeframe?  Would this be true if Hamas was in control of the West Bank?  How much easier would life be for Israel if Abbas controlled Gaza and Hamas withdrew?  Doesn’t that say something about Abbas and the PA?    Perez seems to recognize the distinction.

Giuliani wild statement reveals the depth of republican frustration and desperation – or that Giuliani has gone off the deep end.   Probably both.

When did telling employees how to vote become a byproduct of Citizens United?  If this interpretation stands up, then things in this country have crossed a line far beyond simply drowning out the power of the individual voter by means of unlimited donations.  If Romney was to win, he won’t have been democratically elected in any real sense – not that he or any of the power brokers care how he gets  there.   Not only is this trend unlikely to be reversed if it continues much longer, but the next step will be the Gingrich plan to reduce the power of the courts.
Think about what this means.  If corporations can spell out what you should do in the presidential election, why stop there?  You’ll be getting direction on any number of policies that you need to support.  More accurately, you will be told that you need to just accept certain things, because your support and your vote won’t actually be needed any more.   Certain things will be frowned upon and if you want to get anywhere, don’t expect it to happen fast (or at all), if you are not a practicing, card carrying, party member.   That’s where this is headed.
As it is today, “western democracy” is probably becoming limited to Canada.   Going forward, when anyone claims we need a bigger stronger military to help foster the growth of democracy abroad, we need to set the record straight.   We need to use any power we have left to demand that the first priority is to restore democracy here at home.  Until that happens, we have no credibility to stay in Afghanistan and we certainly have no business getting involved in an Arab spring in Syria, Iran, or anywhere else.  There is no reason for us as citizens to pay for such an undertaking – and we won’t rise for any corporate anthem.

Mitt Romney Encouraged Business Owners To Advise Employees How To Vote -

Mitt wants to keep attention on Libya, so OK, let’s do that.   So why isn’t this in an ad on every available media channel?

House GOP Cut Funding For Embassy Security:

‘You Have To Prioritize Things’

Basically, Republicans lose ground in any discussion where Democrats bring out the facts.  Take Libya and foreign policy.

The strategy is like all else for the GOP:  Throw a monkey wrench into the process and when things don’t go well, just blame the White House.

A few minor problems, though:   Logs are kept.  Records are filed.  Cameras roll.  This is why the GOP likes secrecy.

There are these inconvenient facts which they would like you to overlook.


Jason Chaffetz Admits House GOP Cut Funding For Embassy Security:

‘You Have To Prioritize Things’



So, move along.  This is not an  issue you  can exploit to win.


Romney: Abortion not on my agenda;fdmodule

I’m left wondering how this will pan out.  Romney is abandoning causes of the religious right, as expected.  But it’s a bit soon, because he will want their support in his effort to eliminate the EPA.  Will they still turn out to vote for him, knowing that they are being used and he is not really going to be  their champion?

In a story intended to slam the media, Patrick Caddell of Fox makes a convincing case against Citizens United

“Now, let me tell you: There’s nobody that hands—no stranger gives you $100,000 and doesn’t expect something in return, unless you live in a world that I don’t.”  Read more:

The point is that regardless of what some  may say, it’s obvious to most people in this world that money is given with an expectation.   Either this is also true in the case of Citizens United, or people need to concede that money paid for a speaking engagement does automatically result in bias and it’s all part of free speech.  In other words, you can’t have it both ways.

Is it even necessary to point out that Mitt has tripped on his own tongue yet again?  He’s going to have to walk this back, or at the very least drop it uietly once his handlers realize that he is making arguments against Citizens United.  They don’t want a debate to take place, so the best they can do is come up with some kind of diversion to get the subject off of this – and fast.

Romney: Teacher contributions to politicians should be limited


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