A trans-US pipeline will not reduce dependence on foreign oil, if the goal is to move oil to Houston for refining and/or export elsewhere.  That does appear to be the plan.

My suggestion is to bring the oil to the Midwest and refine it no farther south than Kansas, maybe even Nebraska or the Dakota’s .  This should accomplish several things:

  •  It should limit the environmental impact by reducing exposure to breaks and spills.
  •  Facilities would be easier to secure from attack compared to an unnecessarily long pipe.
  •  Seeing that the oil is used here in the U.S.A. should truly reduce foreign dependence, more so than refining it in Houston only to ship it abroad.
  •  Refining the oil in the Midwest, and distributing gas from there, could help to reduce the price disparity at the pumps from state to state (provided that is not all due to taxes).
  •  There should be less energy required to move oil through a shorter pipe.
  •  The project should still result in significant job creation.   Jobs and investment in refining and fuel transport would replace jobs building an indefensible long pipe.

My 2 cents worth

–  Sheldon R

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