Republicans  show their real colors here with regard to the catch phrase “less government”.  They are pushing to resurrect a requirement for drug testing as part of the application for unemployment.  Less government to them means fewer limits on corporations, but screw individual liberties.   I don’t understand why this has been allowed to get to where it is, except that the corporations have the upper hand.  Stopping this kind of intrusion should be near the top of everyone’s agenda.  Drug testing should be limited to jobs that involve handling of top secrets, passengers, heavy machinery and weapons (yes, including the military.  We worry about alcohol levels for people with handgun permits, but is there serious screening before and while you are allowed to carry a machine gun?)  Otherwise, as far as the job market, it should be up to management to do their job and gauge performance based on, well… performance.  But if we’re going to be intrusive, I for one, would like to see  some checks into the private doings of corporate execs, since they make decisions that determine what happens to my savings.  Drug tests, financial disclosure  and polygraphs for execs.  Let’s be fair.

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