It comes as no shock when claims are made that negative responses to recent statements by Gingrich (in this case on the history of Palestinians) are surely due to bias in the media.  That is the boiler-plate stance of Gingrich and others in the conservative camp (in Canada as well, apparently).  But in this case, the Palestinian leaders are thought to benefit rather than liberals.  The argument seems to be that in a balanced media, Gingrich would be able to make statements equally as outrageous as someone who is said to speak for terrorists.  My response to this is pretty simple:

We may encounter  inflammatory remarks on the part of some foreign leaders and have only limited ways to deal with them.  But in the U.S. we should not expect that behavior from a candidate for the presidency.  We hopefully have a higher standard.  And, that should not be news to anyone – particularly those who always claim that ours is by far the greatest nation on the planet.  Anyone who aspires to the office and wants us to believe they have the qualifications, should appreciate the likely ramifications of such statements and accept the consequences.  Otherwise, we have to conclude that you are not yet ready for prime time.  In this case, the  consideration seemed to be more one of standing out from the pack and not so much anything beyond.

The article in question:

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