An article posted recently said that what’s killing the  postal system is that too many people pay bills electronically.  That’s a factor for sure.   Could the USPS offer an electronic service?  That’s something to consider, especially when we hear talk of charging postage for email.   But is that really the main factor?  I suspect not.   For having been around as long as it has, the USPS is lacking in features and function that would make it more competitive for online shopping purposes.  For example, why do people ship so many items via UPS, FEDEX, DHL and  so on?  One major reason is the ability to track them.  Provided that we agree to the terms and conditions, we can see where the package is and whether it is on schedule – as opposed to USPS which, for an added fee, will only say after the fact whether it arrived.  And that detail takes a long time to post, often late in the day.  Another factor is speed.  And here is a real contradiction:  I can send something priority starting at around $5.  That doesn’t guarantee that it will arrive in one day.  For that I need Express mail which is rising dramatically but used to start at around $10 .  Yet if I drop a DVD at the local station on Sunday morning,  Netflix will have it early Monday.   I pay less than $2 for the rental.  Netflix pays only a part of that to the USPS and they still make money, supposedly.  So why can’t I get a simple letter through in that same amount of time for under $2?  Someone, please explain that to me.