In a poll covering 15 issues for which voters are asked to chose the best candidate, Obama came  out ahead of Romney on 12 of the 15 and tied on one.  That should be good news, but it’s disturbing to me.  Why?  because one of the categories where Romney came out ahead is energy.  That means too many people are ready to get behind a strategy which says that fuel efficiency and power generation from wind and the sun are a waste of time.   That is not only wrong but an incredibly  short-sighted mistake.

The idea that we can become energy independent by pumping more fossil fuels is missing the point.    Fossil fuels pollute.  Fossil fuels are limited in quantity.   People say we have oil to last a hundred years.  That’s nothing.  The world has only been using oil for about that long and with all our technology the world can’t produce it fast enough to satisfy demand.  If production could be increased, it won’t be for an indefinite period.  Contrary to what some believe, the earth’s core is not full of oil – it’s iron.  We are very much exposed and will continue to be if foreign oil stops flowing.  That won’t be solved by piping oil from Canada to Texas to be converted to gas and then put on ships.  And if it was arranged that the oil would remain here, there is still the issue of the integrity of the pipeline.

We need to be working to protect the environment and not aquandering what we have.  We need to worry about  how much of our resouces we will be leaving for our grandchildren and their children’s children.   Given that, even if you want to drill more, it makes no sense to disregard alternative energy.   And, to intentionally postpone or kill development is downright irresponsible.   But that is the view f Romney and the GOP:  We don’t need to worry about it.  And that allows them to rationalize their plan to eliminate the EPA – the organization put together to see that our air and water is not destroyed.  You don’t hear talk about that now because they don’t want it to come up.

The clock is ticking.

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