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Is it even necessary to point out that Mitt has tripped on his own tongue yet again?  He’s going to have to walk this back, or at the very least drop it uietly once his handlers realize that he is making arguments against Citizens United.  They don’t want a debate to take place, so the best they can do is come up with some kind of diversion to get the subject off of this – and fast.

Romney: Teacher contributions to politicians should be limited


I tried to come up with another way to say it in few words, but it boils down to simple and blatant hypocrisy.    That is, claiming that spending is about jobs when Republicans want to do it, but wrong if Democrats do it.

Ben Armbruster at Thinkprogess had this to say: Republicans Abandon ‘Government Doesn’t Create Jobs’ Mantra In Fight To Preserve Military Spending
Defense industry-backed Republicans are so desperate to stave off the automatic military spending cuts that they’re trying to scare Americans about job losses and an ensuing nose-diving economy should the military spending cuts hold. Except there’s one problem.  “Republicans aren’t supposed to believe that government spending creates jobs. But in this last act of desperation, however, it seems that Republicans pushing to preserve America’s bloated military budget have come to a pretty significant epiphany.”

Now they play on fears and tell you that it’s about saving lives.    Then   other Mitt, on Omitting U.S. Troops From RNC Speech said: ‘You Talk About Things You Think Are Important’.   (in other words,  it’s devastating when I say it is, but not when I need it not to be).   It must be hard to keep track when you are all over the map on an issue.

CATO expert Chris Preble said … the industry is just “trying to save their profits.” There’s also no evidence that the military spending sequester will be “devastating” as some have argued and polls show that an overwhelming majority ofAmericans favor cutting DOD’s budget.  (But even after cuts  – voted for by Ryan and the republican Congress – military spending will still be above what it was in [    ]. )  But Republicans will most likely ignore these facts and fight to preserve the Pentagon’s needlessly bloated budget, all while abandoning a central tenet of their party’s ideology.

This is about campaign contributions. period.  Romney now rips Paul Ryan: Calls Running Mate’s Vote For Defense Cuts ‘A Big Mistake’.  Well now Ryan is back peddling as well –   “No, no — I have to correct you on this,..; I voted for the Budget Control Act.” Norah ODonnell: “The fact that Ryan may have wished that the bill didn’t contain said defense cuts does not absolve him of the fact that he and 201 other Republicans voted for the bill as-passed. Moreover, Ryan’s statement after voting for the bill contained not a single word of criticism about the defense cuts. Ryan said the bill “represents a victory for those committed to controlling government spending..”