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We have moved one step closer to another war with the Senate having passed a resolution on Iran, most likely SR-380 or some variation ( the title might have changed but the language won’t).  They recite rehearsed lines about not authorizing an attack, but there are people trying to diminish options that are not military.  This resolution serves no other purpose.  The next step is to draw a “red line” in a way that Iran has already crossed it with their enrichment “capability”.   The word capability will already be in the resolution, but to some it is not just about the capability to build a bomb.  For them, the term ‘capability ‘ means  that Iran can not be  allowed  to even  make fuel for their own power reactors.  That conveniently  guarantees that Iran can never come to an agreement.   So, with the line having been crossed already, then the language will change to “must be strong” and “no remaining options”.  Then the bombers and missiles can take to the air.

Pay attention .  The people who push most for having a “clear line” or a”clear definition” about capabilities are the ones who want to see the end of discussion and the start of the bombing.  And as we have all heard before, it will be an operation which should take only a few weeks of precison strikes beginning with air defenses.  (These same people will also be heard complaining about the rising  price of oil and the urgent need for the Keystone pipeline).

Remember:  red line,  capability,  no alternatives.


I’m more than sick of the deceptive ads, especially ones that are part of groundwork for  another war.   This one comes in two parts.  Republicans try to make it sound like Netanyahu is backing Romney Mitt.  How?  Netanyahu uses the same language regarding Iran that Cheney and Condi Rice used to sell a war in Iraq.  Republicans turned it into an ad which is running in Florida and being billed in Israel as Netanyahu saying that what the world doesn’t need are US apologies.  That is not what Netanyahu said.  Those were the announcer’s words.

What is the rest of the deception?  Does Netanyahu want war on Iran?  Yes.  And republicans are with him on that but won’t say it in that way just now.   Maybe Netanyahu thinks Mitt can sell the idea to the country, but doesn’t want to openly back him.   It’s also very possible that the message is intended more for hardliners in congress.  Either way, it’s underhanded and not in the interest of Israel’s security or ours.

There is a third part to the deception which you’ve only partially heard:  ‘We need a show of strength and it will be over quickly.’